BritePool generates new, high-CPM ad revenues for web publishers through persistent identity management.

Only BritePool generates significant new ad revenues for web publishers from anonymous visitors, logged-in visitors, and matched identities.


New high-CPM ad revenues for anonymous visitors!

By recognizing BritePool ID's in the browsers of anonymous visitors, transforming these  unidentified website visitors into recipients of high-value targeted ads.

New high-CPM ad revenues for logged-in visitors!

Realize higher revenues for verified identities by recognizing the BritePool ID's in the browsers of logged-in visitors to sites.

Setup is fast, easy and free!

BritePool makes it easy to integrate our on-page identity resolution technology. Many publishers start and finish in less than a day. Plus, it's free.

Monetize visitors using Safari and Firefox!

With the BritePool ID, advertisers can recognize and transact against the identities of visitors using browsers that block cookies, leading to higher CPM's for publishers.

Leading web publishers are working with BritePool

BritePool is in contract with or is in significant discussions with the following regarding commercial relationships.

BritePool's persistent identity management enables publishers to successfully compete for ad revenues with Google and Facebook.
Google and Facebook now capture 60%+ of all U.S. digital advertising because they know the identities of their visitors...
...a capability web publishers could not offer until now.
For web  publishers, BritePool's persistent identity management  drives advertising effectiveness, true frequency caps, more relevant ads for consumers, and higher CPM's.
Publishers win with BritePool.

Publishers win with BritePool:  Exclusive, high-CPM ad campaigns that target the BritePool ID, in the browsers of website visitors. The future source of high-value programmatic revenues as cookies disappear


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