BritePool provides marketers with persistent identity management across the entire customer journey, as cookies disappear.


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BritePool's proven technology, with its rapidly growing network of participating web publishers, addresses critical problems in programmatic advertising today and enables advertisers to thrive in the cookieless future, including:

Increased reach

Advertisers can target consumers with Safari or Firefox... and Chrome in 18 months.

Eliminate waste
With inaccurate cookies, almost 50% of targeted spending is misallocated. Our  cookieless targeting eliminates this waste. 
True frequency caps
Today's inaccurate cookies leads to massive over-spending on some targeted individuals, and creates a poor consumer experience.
Precise measurement
Today, without accurate measurement, advertisers cannot develop reliable reach and frequency models for optimized effectiveness.
Real transparency and feedback
With our supply chain, advertisers can easily assess how their ads are sourced for programmatic delivery. 

A Unique Opportunity for Advertisers to Reduce Their Reliance on Google and Facebook with Better Metrics

With Google-level identity knowledge and accuracy in targeting, BritePool creates a new opportunity for effective advertising, plus unique measurement capabilities for ad spending optimization.


A C C U R A C Y  &  S C A L E

BritePool has created the same “logged in user” ecosystem as Google and Facebook, with the ability to accurately reach a far larger percentage of an advertiser’s customers on the open web.

To date, BritePool's growing network of participating publishers have contributed identities comprising over 150 million unique monthly website visitors, and we expect this volume to increase dramatically throughout 2020.


For the first time, programmatic ads are accurately served, with true reach and frequency caps

BritePool is working with a growing number of DSPs that can reach and frequency cap against the BPID.

Early adopters of the BritePool technology include MediaMath, Adobe, and DataXu/Roku. Click to learn about joining them.


With reporting by identity...

BritePool provides unique ad measurement:

... reporting of websites visited by advertiser customers, and the ability to integrate with BritePool's unique attribution tools. 

Develop insights into the customer journey. Know which media contributed to the success of your campaign and why. Optimize your digital ad spending for each identity.


The BritePool Product Suite

For advertisers who do not want to share personally identifiable information with outside companies but do want to reach those consumers as they travel the open web with near-perfect accuracy. 

BritePool's flagship product, offering safety, privacy, and precise measurement for data connections without cookies.  This will support advertisers as they reach specific customers on the open web at scale, including access to Safari and Firefox customers with near-perfect accuracy and precise analytics.

BritePool and Throtle, a leading onboarding firm, have joined forces to develop Total Identity. For advertisers that want to supplement Verified Pi by expanding their targeted reach by onboarding online and offline data for deterministic matches, using third-party cookies, greater addressability and access to previously unidentified audiences.


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