As third-party cookies disappear, BritePool's technology ensures DSPs and SSPs continue to offer essential capabilities, retain and grow revenues.


By integrating with BritePool, DSPs and SSPs can provide clients with new levels of accuracy, for high-value targeted advertising, without cookies. Both advertisers and publishers will soon demand next-generation data connections for identity management and BritePool makes it possible.

With BritePool, DSPs and SSPs:


Improve the accuracy of identity recognition without third party cookies


Make verified matches between supply and demand partners 


 Expand addressability on previously cookie restricted and unidentifiable audiences


Manage higher-CPM advertising, leading to higher fees

Early adopters include MediaMath, Pubmatic, Adobe, DataXu/Roku, Magnite, and Sonobi. Contact us to join this list, and secure the future of your business.